The beautiful rugged coastline seen on the approach at the regional airport in Carrickfinn came out on top for the second year in a row in the annual poll from the UK-based booking platform for private jet charters.Scotland’s Barra Airport approach, which offers stunning coastal views, just missed out on the number one spot, coming in second place.”Too often travelers hurry through the journey to get to their destination; this poll encourages those to stop, take a look through their aircraft window and be awestruck by the joy of flying,” said Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly.”Donegal’s rugged coastal landscapes are truly awe-inspiring as you come into land. There is simply nowhere else like it and its popularity with global travelers is clear.”

1. Donegal Airport, Ireland

Donegal Airport: Located on Ireland’s northwest Atlantic coast, Donegal Airport claimed the top spot for the second year in a row. “We are delighted to retain this acclaim as the ‘World’s Most Scenic Airport Landing 2019,” says Anne Bonner, Managing Director of Donegal Airport. “It is indeed a great endorsement from the traveling public and aviation/travel experts.”

2. Barra Airport, Scotland

Barra Airport: The view on the approach to Scotland’s Barra Airport, which offers stunning coastal views, just missed out on the number one spot, coming in second place.

3.Nice Cote d’Azur, France

Nice Cote d’Azur: The descent to France’s third-busiest airport came in third on the annual poll from the booking platform for private jet charters.

4. Orlando Melbourne International Airport

Orlando Melbourne International Airport: This Florida airport also featured in the top 10, ranking as the fourth most scenic airport view in the world.

5.Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten

Princess Juliana International Airport, St. Maarten: It’s just beautiful.,” a voter said of the view on landing at this airport in the beautiful island of St. Maarten. “The water, the color, the land to the side and yes — the awesome approach just above spectators’ heads can’t be beat!”

6.Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba, Dutch Caribbean

Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport, Saba, Dutch Caribbean: Boasting the shortest commercial runway in the world, Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport on the island of Saba was sixth on the list.

7.Queenstown Airport, New Zealand

Queenstown Airport, New Zealand: “Dramatic jagged peaks and Lake Wakatipu provide a taste of the glorious scenery on offer in Queenstown and its environs,” one voter said of the descent to this New Zealand airport.

8.Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport, Canada: A panel of travel experts and aviation fans participated in the poll, which received over 7,000 votes.

9.London City Airport, United Kingdom

London City Airport, United Kingdom: The descent to this UK airport, which boasts fantastic views of the River Thames and clock tower of Big Ben, was ninth on the list.

10.Aosta Valley Airport, Italy

Aosta Valley Airport, Italy: The approach to this Italian airport won special praise on PrivateFly’s top 10 global scenic airports list thanks to the “majestic mountains in Europe” that can be viewed while landing.


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