Women sleep better with their pets than with their partners, according to science


Girls, it’s official! You will sleep better with your pet than with your partner in the same bed. Yes, according to a new study, women rest better when they share their bed with a dog than with another human.

So the next time you’re fighting with your boyfriend at 9 p.m., don’t feel bad when you send him to sleep on the couch.

How was the study done?

Basically, the study focused on measuring the quality of sleep.

Women who sleep with their partners were compared to those who sleep with their dogs and some factors that affected them, such as how long they took to fall asleep, did wake up at night, and how comfortable and safe they felt.

Conclusions: You sleep better with your pet

Researchers Christy Hoffman, Haylee Stutz y Tarrie Vasilopoulos reported the following:

“Compared to women who sleep with human partners, sleeping with dogs is calmer and brings a greater feeling of comfort and safety.”

The study added that sleeping in the same bed as your pet also reduces the likelihood of having nightmares since you relax before sleeping.

Dogs as bed companions scored higher in comfort and safety compared to humans. In addition, women who slept with pets took less time to fall asleep.

Unfortunately it does not apply if you have a cat

“Cats in bed, on the other hand, are just as disastrous as humans and give less comfort and safety than humans.”

Who is your spoiled now?


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