The year 2019 will once again provide many new nutritional trends. It will be crawling and colorful on the plates. We at have written down for you the most interesting nutritional trends for the year 2019. Have fun with our Top 13 nutrition trends for the year 2019

The Sapote is a fruit that tastes like chocolate. A dream comes true, you might think. The appearance of Sapote looks like a green tomato. The flesh is low in calories and has a creamy consistency and tastes of chocolate pudding. You can eat it directly from the fruit bowl or use it as a spread. Even in milk and cereal the sapote tastes very good. This dietary trend is definitely one we look forward to very much.

Edible straws

A trend that also thinks of our environment. There is more and more thought in the direction of plastic free and straws there are already the alternatives metal, bamboo and glass. Now in 2019 a whole new alternative will be able to conquer us – edible straws. These consist of apple remnants. In the production of apple juice leftover apple remains and from these the straws are produced. They are good for the environment and they taste like apples.


One of the major food trends in 2019 will be algae. The vegetarian and vegan cuisine is still on the rise and vegetarians and vegans lack the animal protein they need to rely on vegetable proteins. Soy, cereals, legumes, and nuts are all on the table to get enough protein intake. Now follow the algae as a nutritional trend. They have a fishy taste. Also new is that more and more meat dishes are replaced by mushrooms.


Nutrition trends are sometimes very new and may need getting used to at first glance. So in 2019 insects, grasshoppers, cockroaches, crickets and beetles will come to the table. In many countries of the world, insects have been on the menu for a very long time, they are rich in proteins, minerals and various vitamins. So food trends in 2019 will be very exciting.

Healthy hedonism

This nutritional trend should show that healthy food tastes as well. Here you should eat when and how you want it. It’s an intuitive diet where you want to eat what tastes good and does well. Supplements and muscle training should round off the Healthy Hedonism to get a good and healthy body feeling.

Two countries unite

Japan and Mexico team up and out comes a sushi the size of a burrito. It is used instead of a wheat patties a nori leaf. The filling of rice, chicken and vegetables is rolled into it. The sushi burrito is ready. A great and simple recipe that counts among the diet trends of 2019.

Cookie Dough

A trend that will remind you of your childhood. How to lick the dough bowl when Mama baked something. Cookie Dough is a raw cookie dough that is made without eggs and baking soda and therefore can be eaten raw. A very popular variety is “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough”. In 2019 we can look forward to many other new varieties.


One of the food trends for 2019 comes from Hong Kong, the Egg Waffles. These waffles with bubbles are prepared in very special waffle iron. Another trend comes from Thailand and is called Rolled Ice Cream. Here, a creamy ice cream with many toppings is mixed on a cold plate and then this is formed into wafer-thin rolls.

Pink is in

Food trends will be colorful in 2019. Everything there is pink chocolate, sushi or burgers, everything is pink. How it is, thanks to red berries and beetroot.

Levante kitchen

Everything from Syria, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon will become the big trend in 2019. It will be cooked mainly with fresh ingredients and lots of spices and legumes. The kitchen is very varied and delicious.

sweet potato flour

More and more people are allergic or have intolerances, including gluten. Sweet potato flour is a new and great alternative. It can be used like flour for sweet cakes or for bread.

French kitchen

The French are known for their good food. The biggest gourmets come from France. The old classics such as bouillabaisse, coq au vin and quiche are being whetted up with completely new and exotic ingredients.

cafeteria food

Unbelievable but true, but one of the dietary trends is canteen food. It should change a lot in 2019. The dishes are to become higher quality and more varied. The food should again be enjoyable in the canteens.



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