Your hair is hanging flat and lifeless along your face or suddenly feels very greasy: a bad hair day. A recognizable phenomenon? But there is no reason to worry. There is a perfect solution to every problem.
Everyday healthy and shiny hair. We all want it, isn’t it? It is advised to align your hair care with your hair type. With these care tips, your hair is always good.

Hair Type 1: oily hair
In oily hair, our scalp separates too much sebum. Sebum is useful because it forms a natural protective layer for your hair. But too much sebum causes you to get limp and lifeless hair. The more you wash your lure, the more sebum your scalp produces. Two to three times in the week your hair wash is enough to keep your hair clean. For optimal care, start with one and then with the corresponding. You can perfectly alternate this treatment with one to eliminate all contamination.

Hair Type 2: colored hair
New hair color is always a good idea. Unfortunately, both the gloss and the intensity of the new coupe slowly take off and your lure will be re-doffer after several weeks. Choose for care products that are specially designed for and so longer enjoy your new and shiny hair color.

Hair type 3: stressed scalp
Do you suffer from dry, itchy scalp and flakes? Especially during the cold winter days, the cold and dry air is bad for the scalp. But also during the summer months, you sometimes suffer from an itchy scalp with flakes. To repair or prevent damaged hair, it is always a good idea to use intensive. Alternate this once in a while with a calming effect by Hammamelis.

Hair Type 4: Hair Loss
Thinning hair and hair loss is a common problem in women. It often has to do with hormones, vitamins or the season, for example. One or it’s not a superfluous luxury. The ampoules reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Your hair becomes stronger and fuller again.


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