Choosing a destination can be a difficult decision when you’re looking to maximize your travel budget. By choosing a destination with a favorable exchange rate and strong U.S. dollar, you can make the most of every penny spent in 2019.

Travelers looking to stretch the U.S. dollar this year should consider Latin America and parts of Africa and Asia. Projected prices for Latin America and Africa are expected to decrease by two percent for air travel and about 1.4 percent for hotel costs in 2019, according to the Global Travel Forecast.

Whether you’re on a tight budget or looking for luxury without the high price tag, these undervalued currencies and decreasing foreign exchange rates should be on your radar. Check out the destinations where the dollar is strongest in 2019.


Whether you want colonial cities, glaciers, mountains, waterfalls, wine country or wildlife, the greenback will take you far in Argentina. The dollar is so strong this year in Argentina that the Economist’s 2019 Big Mac Index undervalues the Argentine peso by a 64.1 percent, a huge drop compared to last year’s also-favorable 25 percent. The exchange rate, which is likely to continue trending in favor of U.S. travelers, is forecast to decrease by 10.7 percent this year.

If you go: Wine lovers can take advantage of the favorable exchange rate in 2019 by shipping home bottles (or cases) of the Argentine wines you discover on your travels.



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