8 Tips to Better Understand Men’s Body Language


is an old saying that women come from Venus and men from Mars. This means that men and women differ so much in a number of areas that they have difficulty understanding each other. If you ask me (and many others), there is certainly some truth to this saying. The male brain simply works differently than the female brain, and this can lead to unpleasant misunderstandings.

If you embark on the love path, it is crucial that you can interpret whether another person feels something for you, but that can still be pretty difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of clearly recognizable signals that a man gives through his body language, from which you can deduce whether he is interested in you.

In this article I will discuss the following tips that will help you to better understand the body language of men:

  • Note unconscious changes in his face
  • Watch his smile
  • Pay attention to eye contact
  • See if he points his body towards you
  • Pay attention to touch
  • Watch his distance from you
  • Take a good look at his hands

Tip 1: Note unconscious changes in his face

If you want to know what someone thinks about you, it’s best to observe his face. Men have a number of unconscious facial expressions that occur when they see someone they like or find attractive.

Based on these subtle changes in his face, you can deduce what he thinks of you.

First of all, you have to see if he is tilting his head or not. If he tilts his head a little when he looks at you, then this is often an unconsciously issued sign that he finds you attractive or nice. Just compare whether he does this when he looks at other things: it could of course also be that he just tilted his head a little by default.

Another thing you can pay attention to is the eyebrows. Specifically you can see if he raises his eyebrows a bit when he looks at you. This hint is often overlooked or misinterpreted: raised eyebrows can seem arrogant and up-to-date for many women. This is actually an unconscious physical reaction of a man when he is interested in someone.

Something you probably hadn’t thought of at all is the nostrils. How can you flirt with your nostrils again? Yet a man’s nostrils can open a little further if he finds a woman attractive, so it can certainly pay off to pay attention to this.

Tip 2: Watch his smile

You probably already thought it would be a good sign if a man smiles at you, but a lot can be said about this smile itself.

A smile can mean anything, from warm feelings to extreme discomfort.

So not only the question of whether a man is smiling is important, but how he is smiling is just as important. The following are therefore a number of “smiles” that can express positive feelings towards you.

  • grin (a somewhat faint smile where you can see his teeth) is usually a good sign. Many women associate this smile with “sweet” or “cute,” but when a man grins at you, this is often a sign that he is physically interested in you.
  • Another smile that can be a good sign is the smile with your mouth shut. This can seem a bit cool, but usually, this smile means that he likes you. He is just a bit shy. This is not a problem in principle: it may take a little longer for some men to be more open.
  • The most flirty smile is probably the half or crooked smile. This sometimes shows a man unconsciously when he likes someone, but often it is also used as a flirtation technique. This smile, which comes from one corner of the mouth instead of two, looks mysterious and seductive. This smile is therefore most often recognized as flirtatious by women.
  • What is not a good sign is when he starts to laugh uncomfortably. Does he start chuckling insincerely and nervously when the conversation falls dead for a moment? Then he probably doesn’t feel at ease with you, which indicates that he doesn’t like you.

Tip 3: Pay attention to eye contact

If you want to know if someone likes you, his eyes are a good indicator.

The eyes are the mirrors to the soul, so pay attention to this.

If someone is constantly looking at you, he must have a good reason for that. Perhaps he looks away constantly shy as soon as you look at him, but if, despite that, he is always pointed to you again, he will like you somewhere.

If he knows how to keep eye contact with you for longer than a few seconds, this means that he feels comfortable with you, which is also a good sign. If his eyes are constantly looking around everywhere and are almost not focused on you, then this is a very bad sign. If someone doesn’t look at you at all, it means that they are not interested.

Another thing you can pay attention to is exactly what part of your face he is looking at. If he looks you in the eye, it may mean that he finds you attractive, but it may also mean that he is just listening to you with interest.

If he looks at your mouth, it often means that he is unconsciously thinking about kissing you. This naturally means that he has a physical interest in you.

Tip 5: See if he points his body towards you

There are some studies that have shown that a man usually focuses his chest toward the main object in a room. So if he is facing you with his chest, even if he is doing something else or addressing someone else, then this is a sign that he is at least interested in you in a certain way, and likes to be with you. to be.

This also applies to his pelvis (his hips). With his pelvis facing you means: I am interested in you. So also pay attention if he is doing something else or is not working with you for a while; maybe his pelvis is still facing you.

Tip 6: Pay attention to touch

If someone is really interested in you, he or she, actively or unknowingly, will look for reasons to touch you. Touch is a sign of intimacy. When he suddenly starts to touch you now and then, it usually means that he would like to be more intimate with you and that he tries to see if you would be open to that.

This kind of touch will be rather subtle and innocent. For example, a man can touch your arm for a moment when you say something funny, grab your shoulder to guide you through a crowd of people, or maybe he’ll try to take a lash off your face.

If you have a date with someone, it can happen that someone tries to touch you on your back, your side or even your thigh. In this case, you can actually be sure that he is interested in you. There are no practical reasons why he should be able to touch these parts of your body, so the only reason he may have is to step up the intimacy between you.

Tip 7: Pay attention to his distance from you

If a man likes you, he will naturally also want to be close to you. You can therefore often see that a man comes closer to you during a conversation. For example, he can hang more over the table that you are sitting at, move more to a certain corner of his chair, or just move one step closer to you.

To reduce the emotional distance between you, a man will first do the same with the physical distance.

Research has also revealed specific distances that can indicate whether a man likes you or not. During a normal conversation, a man will be about 50 centimeters away from someone. If a man is closer than that, then you may already start to wonder if he might like you.

Tip 8: Look closely at his hands

You can read a lot at the hands of a person. If someone is uncomfortable or impatient, he will start playing with objects or making ticking movements. If someone prefers to leave, he will put his hands on the table or his chair, almost as if he wants to get up. And if a man likes someone, you can often read it on his hands.

What I am about to say may seem a bit primitive or animalistic, but if a man is interested in you, he will (completely unconsciously) direct his attention to his cross with his hands. For example, if he has his hands on his belt or thighs, or very deep in his pockets, this is a sign of sexual interest.

Even if he puts his hands in his hips, this can be a sign that he is interested in you. With this attitude, he unconsciously tries to impress you, by making himself look as big and strong as possible.

Touching the face is a sign you might not have thought of. Yet this often indicates that someone is attracted to you. If there is a physical attraction between people, the skin of those people becomes more sensitive, especially the skin in the face. So when he rubs his chin, jaw or lips, this can be a sign that he likes you.

Finally, it is a good sign if he often has his hands on his hair, or uses his hands to smooth his clothes. This means that he wants to look good for you. That usually means that he likes you and that he hopes that something will happen between you.


Hopefully, after reading this article you will understand a little more about the male body language, and you can use this if you are on the love path. Men simply express themselves differently from women, but from this list, you now know exactly what he is trying to make clear to you with his body, consciously or unconsciously.

I would just like to say that you should not constantly go through a kind of checklist of signals in your head. Let this information play a role in the back of your mind, but also pay close attention to whether you yourself feel that there is a click.

Your intuition is usually good in that regard. And try to have a good time; this only works positively on the chance that a man will like you.


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