5 tips to sleep quickly and deeply


Sleep is a good indicator of our pace of life. When the dream is not restful or it is hard for us to reconcile it, it is because something in our lifestyle requires adjustments. Today we will tell you how to sleep quickly and deeply naturally.

Establish wellness routines to have a restful sleep

The periods of stress are harmful to our sleep, we know that well. But how to sleep deeply? Some habits should be established to relieve stress.

Having daily routines (beauty, relaxation, meditation) and weekly routines (sports, swimming pool, massages) can allow you to find spaces to breathe. When your pace accelerates and your stress level increases, ask yourself about the existence of these spaces dedicated to your unique well-being.

Organizing spaces for oneself and only for oneself, makes it possible to decompress and release unnecessary physical and mental tensions. When the body and mind are relaxed, the dream installs more effectively.

Adopt a good diet to sleep well

Eating well is sometimes the key to a restful sleep. During the day choose foods rich in magnesium. At dinner time, lighten your plate! This will have positive effects on your sleep.

It is not about restricting yourself, but about rebalancing your dinner, both from the point of view of energy intake and schedule. For example, plan to have dinner at least three hours before bedtime. By giving your body enough time to digest, falling asleep is much faster.

Also, rebalance your dish by focusing on rice, green vegetables and fish. Avoid drinking alcohol and sugar at night. By adopting these two changes, you will notice great improvement.


Eliminate the tensions of the day practicing physical activity. Cardiovascular training is an excellent solution to fight stress and lighten the mind. Of course, there are many other reasons why you should exercise and sleep well is just one of the long list.

Sport activates the production of serotonin. This powerful neurotransmitter is essential for mental well-being. A good dream obviously counts as part of our overall well-being. So do not hesitate to put on your tennis shoes for at least half an hour a day.

Turn off any electronic device

Even if you don’t adopt the rhythm of life of a Buddhist monk, it is advisable to slow down your screen consumption a couple of hours before bedtime. Especially if it costs you work to reconcile the ground. Do the test.

Without making a change too radical, decrease the light intensity of your screen from three to four hours before bedtime. Then gradually eliminate your exposure to them. You will notice a positive effect.

Meditate to sleep better

The advantage of this trick is that it requires at most one cushion on which you can sit. You can meditate in your bed, in a chair or simply with your legs sitting on the floor. The important thing is to find a position that respects a strict balance between relaxation and full awareness.

Your diaphragm and pelvis should be relaxed and your back straight. Develop a series of deep breaths and let your thoughts cross. Set a soft alarm to perform a 5 minute session. Gradually, increase this alarm to 30 minutes. These moments of meditation promote deep relaxation that will make you sleep faster and better.


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