5 Tips for Better Dealing with Feelings of Men


You often hear women complaining that men don’t show their emotions, and when they do, they aren’t always understood.

Male emotions are often confusing and sometimes somewhat contradictory.

Women often have the prejudice that men have no feelings. This is absolutely untrue.

The problem between men and women is that both sexes interpret emotions differently and process them differently.

Do you want to understand your partner or friend better so that your relationship can become even better and closer?

Then read this blog and get 5 tips to better deal with men’s feelings.

5 Tips for Better Dealing with Feelings of Men

In this article you learn among other things:

  • Why you don’t want to use sex as a power tool
  • What we can learn from men and women from ancient times
  • Which defense  mechanism comes into effect when men experience long-term stress
  • How you can see if he’s crazy about you (it’s not what you think it is)
  • Why a compliment is important for a man
  • And much, much more.

Men Are Not Champions In Expressing Emotions

First of all, there is something important that you as a woman should know.

Men are conditioned from an early age that they are not allowed to show emotions or let go of feelings.

Men must be strong, confident and stoic.

From the moment men learn to walk they are raised with the idea that showing emotions is equivalent to showing weakness.

As a result, many men have difficulty expressing emotions and are also more difficult to recognize or post feelings.

Not only do education and cultural aspects play a major role in the way men and women deal with feelings, but scientific brain research also confirms the differences between men and women.

The connections in the brains of women appear to be differently developed than in men.

With women, there is a strong connection between intuitive and emotional areas.

For men, the brain area of ​​ratio and planning appears to be well developed.

This also explains why many men are solution-focused in stressful situations, while women can become highly emotional at such moments.

According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the differences in the brain between men and women increase when people start puberty.

Where boys and girls used to play together and the differences were smaller, in puberty they go their own way and meet the typical stereotypes that are attributed to a person’s gender.

Tip # 1: Don’t Expect Words But Deeds

Men are logical beings and solution-oriented. The difference in our way of thinking can probably be traced back to primal times.

Men had to take care of the tribe and hunt and were focused on a certain long-term action where they had to communicate clearly and clearly.

As a result, men learned to focus on a specific goal, ignore side issues, and communicate directly and clearly.

Emotional thinking and reacting would have been a disaster for us men in that harsh environment.

Women, on the other hand, had to look after the children and men when they returned from hunting.

Observing emotions and responding to them was therefore extremely important for women.

Women ensured social cohesion and harmony in the group and the perception of emotions was extremely important for women.

Men showed by their actions that they cared about someone. They sacrificed themselves.

These roles are, of course, no longer the case. However, our brains have remembered these specializations.

Due to the large differences between our ways of thinking, communication problems regularly arise.

Women are more focused on the needs of others than men.

On the one hand, this sensitivity ensures that women do their best to keep their relationships good, and are very good at it.

The downside, however, is that it makes women more emotionally unstable than men.

As a woman, don’t worry if your husband or boyfriend doesn’t say ‘I love you’ so often. Pay much attention to his actions.

What does he have for you? Does he repair things in the house and does he like to help you? These are the things that a man communicates that he cares about you.

Be aware of the things he does for you. For a man, this is much more important than the words he says to you.

It is a matter of learning to interpret his actions and actions.

Tip # 2: Meet His Friends and Family

If he introduces you to his best friends or family then this shows that he is crazy about you.

Introducing their circle of friends may not be a big deal for women, but for men, this is extremely important.

Meeting his friends and family shows that he takes the relationship with you seriously and that anyone close to him can see this.

Don’t force this but let him arrange it at his own pace.

Also, notice how he treats you in front of other women. Are you in his spotlights all evening even though other women are walking around?

You have conquered a place in his heart and you are on numero uno.

Tip # 3: Give Each Other the Needed Space

While a woman often needs attention, every now and then a man likes to be alone.

Give him that space and time, a man needs this.

Men sometimes need some time to get their thoughts straight so that they can focus on the things that are important at that moment.

Give him some time to respond to a situation.

Women are good at expressing feelings and often respond instinctively and directly.

Understand that a man needs a little more time to think and formulate a good answer. Give him that time and don’t rush him.

In stressful situations, men tend to confront or flee.

This is partly due to the influence emotions have on men. Men are quickly inclined to be physical with all its consequences.

In danger or stressful situations men shoot in the ‘fight or flight’ response while women often try to de-escalate aggression.

This is due to the fact that pregnant women and small children are at risk of violence.

At such moments it takes a much longer time for a man than for a woman before his blood pressure and stress levels are back to normal.

This is also the reason why a man instinctively wants to protect himself and his family or flee a dangerous situation.

After this fight or flight reaction, a man must be able to recover or this can cause serious health problems in the long run.

Learn to understand this to better deal with men’s feelings and health.

Tip # 4: An Intimate Love Life

Sex is just as important to a person as food and sleep are. Women sometimes tend to refrain from having sex with their partner or boyfriend when they have a fight.

But understand that this ultimately does more harm than good. Sex is a necessary outlet for men.

By abstaining your partner from sex for a long time, you run the risk that he will look for it outside the door.

Not only do men enjoy sex, but they also see it as a sense of duty to please you.

Let him do his best for you and enjoy these moments. Don’t reject him, but urge him to move on and focus on the things that you like.

It goes much further than sex. At such moments a man feels appreciated when he sees that his partner is enjoying himself.

This is incredibly important for his self-confidence. If you keep rejecting him or trying to avoid sex, a man can quickly start doubting himself.

You often see that men fall asleep quickly after sex. This is because a chemical reaction starts after sex.

After the male orgasm, hormones are released that cause a man to feel tired.

So don’t take it personally if he suddenly snores next to you. This chemical reaction has nothing to do with its appeal to you.

Tip # 5: A Man Loves Compliments

Another important thing for men is respect. This is very important to know.

You can break a man or make him furious if you make fun of him when he makes mistakes or by breaking him off in the presence of his best friends.

Even if a man makes mistakes, always give him the feeling that you respect him.

Not only women need attention and appreciation, but men also have that instinctive need.

Give a man the feeling that he can be the man he wants to be with you.

This may sound silly but it is important to do this from a genuine appreciation for him and his qualities. Men love this.

A man wants a wife or girlfriend who believes in him even though everyone is against him.

Respect is an important part of his self-esteem. A man loves compliments. Give it to him every now and then.

A man will never dare to admit it, but many have a fragile ego.

That is why it is incredibly important for a man that his girlfriend respects him unconditionally.

Only then can he grow and bring out the best in your relationship.


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