Meaningless disputes do not have to be real

In every respect, she runs so well, it comes sooner or later to disputes. Sometimes there are fundamental discussions about bigger problems. But usually there are only small quarrels about everyday situations: the dishes are never washed off, there are always some clothes around or in the bathroom everything is full of make-up.

Small quarrels can easily cause bad disputes, which are actually totally unnecessary and only consume the nerves of all involved.

So, if you have such a quarrel with your partner – for nothing at all – ask yourself the following two questions.

Maybe the fight will end sooner than it has started.

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1. “What are we actually discussing here?”

Often you get really in motion and throws things in the dispute to the head and often forget, why the fight actually started. Mostly it’s just little things.

With this sentence, you take the wind out of the sails of your partner and you realize that your quarrel was/is meaningless.

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2. “Is that really important to me?”

You should really ask yourself that because often you just argue about something and do not realize how unimportant the topic is actually. 

If you can answer the question with “No”, quit the dispute immediately because there is no point arguing about it.


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