No longer in the mood for the same long Bob? With our tricks you say goodbye short hair!

1) Less is more – at least when washing!

For the Rapunzel-hair of your dreams, you should often tie your hair together while showering and not wash it. Frequent washing causes you to attack the natural protective layer of the hair – the sebum produced by your sebaceous glands. However, it ensures the shine and smoothness of the hair. If you remove it by washing it all the time, your hair will dry out and split ends will be faster. Try to wash your hair only twice a week. This may be a little uncomfortable in the beginning, but after a short period of getting used to it, the sebum production levels off again and you will get healthy, strong hair that does not break so quickly.

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2) Grip to the brush

If you want to have healthy, long hair, you must not disregard the scalp. Frequent brushing stimulates the scalp’s circulation. This is essential because there are the roots of the hair. At the same time, you distribute the sebum, the natural protective layer, on your entire hair. But wait until your hair has dried after showering because wet hair will be damaged faster and you may tear some hair out of it.

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3) Pay attention to a nutritious diet

A healthy diet ensures a well-balanced interior and a beautiful appearance. So go for a high-protein diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids, silicon, iron, zinc and vitamin C. Foods like lentils, oatmeal and millet are great sources of protein, while blackcurrants provide the vitamin C intake and salmon, walnuts and chia seeds provide your body with omega-3 fatty acids. So you get your dream hair with pleasure!

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4) Snap, snap off tips!

You may find it counterproductive, but if you cut the tips at regular intervals, you’ll make sure you get to your desired hair length faster. By removing the damaged tips, the hairdresser – or you yourself – prevent the split ends from moving to the scalp, and in the end you have to cut off more hair. So: always make sure that the tips are healthy!

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5) Home remedies and small helpers for long hair

Just as with frequent brushing, you can stimulate the circulation of your scalp with certain foods. Make yourself a cup of rosemary or sage every now and then and let the remaining herbs in hot water for 20 minutes – this liquid you then wear on your hair. This not only smells wonderfully pleasant but also strengthens your hair. If you have aloe vera gel in your bathroom from the last sunburn, then rinse your hair several times a week. This invigorates the scalp in addition – so you should get an incredible lion’s mane at top speed!

So we conclude: Take good care of your hair by paying attention to proper nutrition and care. Also, do not unnecessarily strain them by coloring them frequently and treating them with heat. If you pay attention to all this, nothing should stand in the way of a great long hair!


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