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Winter is approaching and, as always, when a new season starts, we feel like we need a change. And what do we always change women first thing first? Right, our hair! That’s why we’ve got 10 stylish hair trends for you here that will make you look awesome in winter! 

# 1 middle parting

He just never goes out of fashion. Sometimes he is more popular, sometimes less so. But the center part looks just stylish and you have a new look, without having to invest a lot of money. 

Source: Pixabay

# 2 braids

But not only some braids – eye-catching braiding patterns are announced! Especially for those who have long hair, this style is perfect because it gives you plenty of room to try new ideas and to be creative.

Source: Pixabay

# 3 Deep braid

Whether braided or just tied together – a deep braid is back in fashion and looks just casual and totally chic. And the best: It is super fast and does not need much talent! 

Source: Pixabay

# 4 S waves

It goes back to the 20s! S-shaped waves in the hair are back in fashion – no wonder, because they look just too good! Especially women with short hair can grab the curling iron directly or visit the nearest hairdresser. 

Source: Pixabay

# 5 hair clips

Flashy hair clips are finally back. Above all, beautiful pearls, which are usually worn only as a bride, we now see more and more often on the streets. 

Source: Pixabay

# 6 Platinum

The blond, which has previously been seen only among Scandinavians, is now in great demand. Especially in winter, all these beautiful shades in your hair want – and you can not blame anyone! 

Source: Pixabay

# 7 curls

The curls from the 80s are back and more popular than ever! With a thin curling iron you can easily style the disco look at home. Or just have a look at your hairdresser of trust.

Source: Pixabay

# 8 bun

At the latest after “Game of Thrones” we love him and style ourselves with him especially in winter. But the classic is no longer the one that stands in the foreground! Whether one or two on each side of the head: Our Dutts are now loose and no longer so strictly bound together. 

Source: Pixabay

# 9 Two braids

In addition to the large and eye-catching braid, the braid variant of the two smaller braids is also a fashionable trend for the winter. And best of all, the braids are easy to braid. 

Source: Pixabay

# 10 waves

Not only S-shaped waves look good on our hair in winter, but also light waves. Especially women with medium to long hair can wear this style well because it gives us a lightness that we can use well in winter. 


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