That’s why the powder in your smoothies!

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet is extremely important for our health and fitness. No wonder that new superfoods “appear” on the market over and over again that knock us off the hook. These superfoods are not always hyped unnecessarily, sometimes they are actually “SUPER” and have great effects. Of course, it is best to incorporate these superfoods directly into the diet, but now there is also an alternative: the superfood powder! We introduce you to you and show you why the powder should be in all smoothies.


In fact, the word superfood makes the rounds. Especially for nutritional and fitness freaks, the most diverse superfoods are part of the daily diet. Of course, you should eat as much vegetables and fruits as possible because there is nothing that can replace them – at least not permanently. However, if you want to be quick, you do not have time or travel, sometimes it can be very difficult to eat properly. The solution to this is now the superfood powder, which can be easily stirred into any smoothie. This powder is rich in vitamins and nutrients and the tastes can definitely be seen. There is something for everyone. 


Incidentally, the absolute number 1 is the green superfood powder. How so? Because it is a supplement to vegetables and provides you with enough vitamins and nutrients for the whole day. Of course, the powder and the smoothie will not replace “real” vegetables, but as mentioned earlier, when things need to be done quickly, everything is at hand and ready in a jiffy. The powder is way better than a purchased smoothie. The smoothies from the supermarket do not contain the nutrients that they should actually contain. In addition, there are plenty of hidden sugars in the purchased smoothies – and we certainly do not need them in such drinks. 



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