Does it not work with the dream of happiness?

In most cases, it is not easy in love to strike the balance between reality and ideal: for example, we constantly wonder if our expectations are too high or just right. Is the other one too few? Are my ideas of a relationship unrealistic?

The latter is the case with the following three signs of the zodiac: They place so high demands on the love that the whole thing can only go wrong …

Source: Pexels

# 1: Virgo

The maid knows exactly what she wants. Not a bad attitude, really – if it were not for the fact that she rarely deviates from her wishful thinking. Accordingly, it is difficult to meet their demands. Too often she lets men go because they do not live up to their own deceptive ideal …

Source: Pexels

# 2: Libra

Libra-born people are romantically gifted and do not hesitate to live this property openly. Not infrequently, the Libra woman scares potential partners with it. After all, in a serious relationship, not only the level of feeling counts, but also a healthy dose of realism.

Source: Pexels

# 3: Sagittarius

The Sagittarius woman plunges headlong into love – and can quite unsettle her opposite. Passion or not; sometimes it’s better to slow things down. This saves you experience, the one or the other disappointment. 


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