So you also have fun on New Year

The Christmas season has a lot to offer: gingerbread houses, cookies, and candy canes. Between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, the whole family often meets and then feasts again: roast, cabbage, potato, wine, and delicious dessert. But after Christmas often starts the big complaints.

Because who feasts for 30 days at a time, which must expect a few extra kilos on the hips. And that does not really make anyone happy, as most of us start the New Year with a task: losing weight. To prevent that from happening, we’ll tell you a few tips on how not to add too much Christmas bacon.

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Tip 1: Christmas nibbles only on cheat day

The many sweets that pile up around Christmas are very tempting. But the more you just eat in front of you, the sooner you get used to eating everywhere. This stretches your stomach and your feeling of hunger is getting bigger.

That’s why you should set up a cheat day, one day a week, where you can eat whatever you feel like doing. Maybe on Advent Sunday, maybe every time you go to the Christmas market with your friends.

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Tip 2: Healthy antipodes

If you have your cheat day, the rest of the days of Advent should make sure that you eat healthily and deliver a feast for sweet Christmas dinner.

Eating a salad in the evening or a light soup, lots of fruits and vegetables to help the sugar in your body does not gain the upper hand, is therefore a good idea.

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Tip 3: Go for a walk

Especially at Christmas time, the cityscape looks so beautiful romantic: Everywhere hang fairy lights, it smells good and all people share their anticipation for Christmas. Use this unfamiliar harmony and go for long walks: either as a break at work and after work in your neighborhood.

An extended walk is healthy for your body and mind, burns a few calories and keeps you from snacking.

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Tip 4: Tea instead of chocolate

Every time you have an appetite for something sweet in the evening, you can prepare a tasty tea: Chai Latte, Raspberry or Roibusch are strong aromas that also taste sugar-free and dissipate your appetite for a greasy dessert.

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Tip 5: Do not wish a candy calendar

In Advent, many adults want to have a calendar with chocolate. Instead, wish one for joint activities or stories.

Because eating a piece of chocolate every day will make it impossible for you to stick to a cheat day.

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Tip 6: Appointments on celebration days

Over the Christmas holidays, it is not easy to pay attention to the figure. Because if the family invites you to dinner, you definitely want to strike.

Therefore, you should not plan every day, but in between pauses. On such days you can then resort to vegetable broth and light food indoors. So your body does not get used to the excess of food.

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Tip 7: Good breakfast

Breakfast is considered the most important meal of the day. Especially on the gluttonous days of the year, that’s right: with porridge or porridge, refined with a few fruits, you are doing your gastrointestinal tract something good. He can digest the heavy food of the day before better. A dash of linseed oil helps.

Porridge is so filling that you are still full at noon and in the evening have enough space in the stomach for the next time.

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Tip 8: Get up early

Also, if it is tempting to sleep well over the holidays, it would be better for your digestion to wake up earlier in the morning. You can drink tea, go for a walk, or do yoga when no one else is awake yet. It gets your circulation AND your digestion going.

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Tip 9: No alcohol

Yes, that is mean, but alcohol and greasy food are the cause of the so-called “beer belly”. Alcohol sets your digestion, ensures massive heartburn and puts on bacon.

The well-known “schnapps for digestion” is not a good idea if it is very sugary. Rather put on herbal tea.

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Tip 10: No soft drinks

If you already give yourself the sky of sweets, then at least you should do without soft drinks. They only boost your hunger and do not satisfy you. Sweet juices are another sugar supplier. That’s why you should rather put on water and unsweetened tea at Christmas time.

Otherwise, you should not make too much stress: Everybody takes one to two kilos at Christmas time and with a healthy diet, you will go in January very quickly again. So, cheers!


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