They will not let us lie, we who have dogs know how much we love them. And this note will give you a reason to love them even more.

And it is that according to a recent study women who have a dog as a pet, usually live longer and even look younger. As if that were not enough, these also help us avoid the development of cardiovascular diseases.

And having a dog at home helps your heart because it encourages you to go out and stay active.

This study was conducted in the hospital of the University of St Anne Brno , in which 2000 people were recruited, aged between 24 and 65 years of age and without a history of heart disease.

This study gave them a heart health score, based on their respective  BMI , diet, exercise level, smoking, blood pressure, glucose level and cholesterol level.

They also had a face-to-face interview where they were asked about their socioeconomic status, medical history, level of physical activity, and how often they frequented the gym, among other things.

The result of this entire study revealed that most people with pets had a rating of 10, while those without dogs at home had mostly lower scores of between 8 and 9,

“The greatest benefits of having a pet was for those who have a dog, regardless of age, sex and education level,” said one of the researchers.

Dog owners (61%), have a better diet, have a constant exercise routine and are less likely to suffer from diabetes, while people who do not have pets (47.7%), lead a less healthy life and are more likely To develop heart disease.

There is no doubt that these furry friends help us to be better people, both internally and externally. We love them and we will never stop doing it. You have pets?


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