We hear it all too often: sugar is not healthy. Yet it seems to be something we all long for and can hardly do without, but leaving those cookies and soft drinks has a much greater effect than we seem to think.

The American Bustle sometimes wondered what the effects would be of a sugarless week, so they visited dietician Christy Brissette. He knows how to explain it in great detail: “Sugar is in almost everything, but it is the processed sugars that are the culprits, which are extracted from, for example, beets. If you eat beet, your sugar level does not go so high in the air, while the processed sugars are more of a shock to the system because it is so concentrated and contains no other substances. “

Sugar is even very addictive. If you drastically reduce its intake, your body will get upset and you may notice the following changes:


The addictive effect of sugar has the consequence that you long for it. If you let it out of your diet, you will crave less for the devilish stuff after a while. But it can then generate new addictions, albeit in a good way. Because of the intense, manufactured taste that you are used to, naturally products will taste more bland. If you no longer eat sugar, an apple may suddenly become much more flavorful.


People who scrape sugar often notice that they sleep like babies. The peaks that sugar gives you can cause you to wake up (unknowingly) at night. No sugar, no more peaks.


A high sugar intake means that your liver has to work a little harder. As a result, it may be less concerned with the processing of other substances, which in turn leads to your skin breaking out. So it may well be that your acne disappears as soon as you stop taking all that sugar.


Sugar often works as an energy boost, just think of those drinks. It may happen that your body feels tired for a week, but once you ‘get rid of it’, you will get through much more energy and get through the day better.


Your mood will be much more balanced and your colleagues will be grateful for this. Do you know that dip in the afternoon? This is the result of your sugar level that works with peaks and troughs. Once you are in balance, you will notice it in your mood.


Your stomach may feel bloated after 3 to 5 days. Your intestines have to adjust completely and that ensures that they have to work a little overtime. 


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