Ah yes, the old acne problem. If you have ever had a massive outbreak or if you simply live your life dealing with a constant grain problem and pimples, you are probably very familiar with this type of fear: a stunning panic that comes with the feeling of being totally helpless and without control of your own skin. And out of nowhere comes a myth, does urine cure acne? Keep reading to discover the answer.

I am one of those who wear everything to avoid granites. Then, when one of my coworkers recently told us about her own struggles with acne, she confessed that once she was so desperate that she pissed in her own face, I didn’t even question the process or disgust me. And I’m sure that more than half of you would be more than willing to do something much worse for good skin, so I kept investigating this little myth to discover everything behind it.

WTF ?! Pee?

“I want to say that urine was not my first choice in acne treatments,” says Christina (who asked that her name be changed to protect her privacy and also to pay tribute to her childhood idol, Christina Aguilera, who probably didn’t smells urine on his face). “I had such terrible cystic acne in college, and had tried all over-the-counter products, all antibiotics and oral medications, all prescribed topical creams, and I sat in front of Google, crying, trying to find any possible treatment that It could work. ”

And that’s when he found an online community of people who put their hands to the fire, swearing that urine could cure acne. “The idea scared me so much, but I was also so, so desperate, that I decided to try,” says Christina. “I urinated on a cotonete as if it were a pregnancy test and then rubbed it on my cheeks where my acne was. I completely remember looking at myself in the mirror while I was doing it, thinking if I had actually reached this point. I remember it was a warm feeling and everything smelled like… urine. ”

Did the urine work?

I mean, that’s what we’re all here for, right? “Every place said that the smell disappears when the pee dries,   that I had to apply it every day to get the best results, but I simply… couldn’t,” says Christina. “I did it before going to bed, I fell asleep and tried to give it a fair chance, but in the morning, my skin looked exactly the same. I think I expected a magic bullet, something that would make a big difference and make the urine worthwhile, but everything seemed the same   and I just couldn’t do it again, ”she says.

Ok, understandable. But what if he had kept smearing pee on his face for a few weeks? Or a month? Or a year? Would it have cleared your acne and transformed your skin? “That? No, ”says Mona Gohara, dermatologist and clinical professor at Yale University. “I have no problem with urine as such, it is sterile; but where that urine comes from is definitely not, ”she says. “So you are introducing a series of problems and bacteria by putting your urine on your face.”

So where the hell did all this urine theory come from? Well, from the dark corners of the Internet, but also from history: it is called urine therapy and has been a staple in alternative medicine for a long time. And somehow it makes sense why. “Urine is rich in urea, which is a natural exfoliate that helps soften the skin and break down the upper layer of skin cells,” says Dr. Gohara. Basically, it acts in the same way as salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid: “all of which are safer, more effective and do not carry the possible risk of having, you know, E.Coli,” he adds.

Should we all smear urine on our face?

If you are looking for a short and direct answer: no, not everyone should do it. Dr. Gohara tells us that if we could somehow get that urine out through a catheter to remain sterile and none of the other acids we mentioned earlier worked, it might be a good idea. Go immerse your face in pee. “But even in that scenario, there is no legitimate scientific reason why urine would be superior to something else.”


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