Imagine doing your favorite activity to the rhythm of the music, wrapped in a dance that will leave you in balance and your body in great condition. We reveal your best options.

Fortunately, the fitness trend remains in force and is becoming stronger, but when you’re a music lover, the party and your body vibrates just thinking that you can take advantage of any occasion to dance, the disciplines that include it will be next in Become your favorites. From the practice of yoga, going through the bicycle and ending with aerial dance, find the one that best suits your way of being and living physical activity.


“It is a high impact exercise in which jazz steps and techniques are mixed to create cardio and strength routines in which each muscle is worked. It’s a guided class and the routines are with the coolest songs of the moment, ”explains Daniela Hinojosa. Depending on the type of class dumbbells, league, ball and mat are used, which makes them very intense, but yes, always at a good pace. If you just start in this discipline, do not worry, the expert shares that there is a level for everyone and regardless of age.

Yoga trance dance

It is another facet of this millenary practice that combines asanas (yoga postures) with free dance to fill you with vital energy. “Start with a sequence of vinyasa yoga to help your body get warm and prepare for the intensity of the dance,” shares yoga teacher Evelyn Escobar. In total it lasts 90 minutes of free movements accompanied by music known as Shiva Rave and between drums, mantras and unstoppable movement, you will end with a meditation. Nothing more healing! Practice it in O2 Yoga, Polanco.

Aerial dance

Acrobatics are the essence of this discipline, which will take you through the air supported by fabrics or a harness that will let you make free movements with music that will relax you and free your creativity. You will develop muscular work and flexibility in this long training (up to six hours at the advanced level). “The teachers are experts in contemporary dance and very professional, which guarantees you the best guide, while you relax, burn calories without realizing it, socialize and get rid of stress in the most fun way,” shares the teacher Analía Fuentes.


It does not matter if you like hip hop, Latin rhythms, jazz funk, live stage or ballet, whatever your favorite you can put it into practice with the assurance that you will lose weight, you will get in shape, you will work coordination, you will eliminate the stress and you will not be able to believe in what brief time you will be like you never imagined, with toned and defined muscles and, another very important point, with an energy that nobody will stop you, that without counting the good humor that will reign in your life.


This discipline will take you on a walk full of music and movement for 45 minutes, in a semi-dark environment. What differentiates it from spinning? Here music is the protagonist, so you never get bored. It consists of four positions of flat (basic) seated pedaling, flat foot (as if it were a climber), seated mountain (increases strength and decreases speed) and standing mountain (like a climber but with weight).


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