10 benefits of carbon masks


Just as our hair has days does not want to cooperate and there is nothing left to declare as a total bad hair day , our skin also goes through those days. In fact, it has been proven that there are days when our face does not reflect what we want and looks dull due to the hormonal changes we have.

But this can be avoided and even reversed with certain beauty products, in this case the carbon masks, whose origin is Korean, and has become very popular because it is an ingredient that purifies the skin, maintains the elasticity and luminosity on the face , besides being an ingredient that does not dry or damage.

The benefits of coal are not unknown, in fact in ancient times they used their absorption power to eliminate the venom from the body, but now these are more oriented to skin care. That’s why today we tell you 10 benefits that carbon masks have and why they should be part of your beauty routine. 

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10 benefits of the carbon mask

Combat impurities

We have all fought against those granites that leave without notice or just one day before an important event. Using a carbon mask will help you get rid of them, as it absorbs skin oil.

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It releases you from toxins

This ingredient, combined with clay, helps to cleanse and detoxify your skin, as it absorbs all the toxins we are exposed to daily with contamination.

No more open pores

If you suffer from open pores, you will love this mask because using it frequently (twice a week) will reduce the size of these, since it eliminates the impurities that accumulate inside.

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Kill bacteria

The biggest focus of bacteria that we humans have are the hands, now imagine all the batteries you leave on your face every time you touch it. But don’t worry, a simple carbon mask will remove all these impurities.

It provides luminosity

If your dream is to have a porcelain skin, a carbon mask will give you luminosity. You no longer have to use filters, au naturale! 

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They are practical and effective

If you are one of the girls who never has time, these masks are perfect for you, because their application does not take more than 20 minutes a week.

Reduce fat

Just as in ancient times they used coal to absorb poison, masks absorb excess sebum, which translates into flawless skin .

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Remove blackheads

It is responsible for removing all impurities that accumulate in the pores, preventing the appearance of blackheads.

Exfoliates the skin

With its slightly sandy texture, activated carbon is good for skin exfoliation. Soft skin anytime! 

Eliminates scars and acne effects

Carbon can be used to gently remove acne scars and blemishes. Its slightly abrasive texture helps eliminate dead skin on top of acne scars, revealing the new skin underneath.

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